We began with the goal of having a quality live comedy venue with a great dinner so that any age could come and enjoy the show. Vaudeville Cafe has entertained thousands of guests since 1999 and the term "family friendly" has largely been used to describe our murder mystery shows.

However, this does not mean "G" rated or "for kids" shows. They are written and performed to entertain a wide audience. They contain NO profanity or overt sexual references, but they do contain vague hints and "over kids heads" remarks and jokes that we believe still fit our "family friendly" category.

In other words, a television sitcom at 8pm may not be written for kids, but still is suitable for family viewing. As are we. Even a movie like "Shrek" still manages to throw in some references that only adults would understand and we can relate to this!

We have taken the time to explain the nature of our shows for some audiences that need clarity and we hope to see you at our murder mystery shows. If you have booked a special private show, we take pride in customizing the show around your group, so let us know if you have concerns of the show content.

As always, we love to hear your feedback .

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