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Be the first in your area to offer Boogie Heads . This new concept is taking every event market by storm. Our staff will help with learning the system from the ground up and provide leads in your area to get you started.

New Rig: (call or email for new low price)

Includes everything needed to perform a party or event. This is a turn-key business ready to go with FREE shipping. We will not be undersold!

Demo Rig: Call us

Brand new equipment that his been opened. Carries the same warranties as a new Rig and has only been set-up for display once or twice.

Slim Rig: $4,000

See below
All Rigs include training, support and event leads. One person can easily unload, carry in and set it up to operate most events. Boogie Heads advertises nationally and receives requests for parties. These requests are diverted to the nearest Boogie Heads owner.

Rigs are professionally installed and wired in portable heavy-duty ATA approved travel cases and carry replacement warranties.
Here is a break down of all of the components in your Rig:

• Kroma-Dial System
• 4 DVD Recorders
• 1 DVD Player
• 15" Operator Monitor 
• 15" Participant Monitor
• 3 Adjustable Stools

• Pro Lighting Kit
• Green Screen Drop
• Tripods and Poles
• one 3-CCD camera with wide angle lens
• Training DVD
* View highlights of training

• Pro Sound System
• Two Power Speakers
• Control Panel
Superman video
• 178 Music Videos from 126 Songs

• Magic Carpet Ride video See sample video

• And for Christmas... Sleigh Ride Video See sample video

• Full Replacement warranties
• 40" Wide Screen High Def 1080p TV

• Customized rolling ATA TV Case*

• Unlimited Phone support

Promotional Kit:   Graphics and logos for print media

* View this portion of the training video that shows the unique design of the TV case

The above components create a full Boogie Heads rig and there is nothing else you need, except for your blank DVDs. Your Rig is designed for easy setup.  Components are configured so that you can open up your cases, set your backdrop, plug up and go.  Although wiring is explained in the training video, you don't have to wire and unwire at every event.

This is not a franchise

There are NO residual fees to be paid.  No franchise fees to be paid. You do not submit a portion of your profits and you are not limited to regions or territories. This is your equipment to be marketed and used in the manner you choose. Once your Rig is purchased -- it's yours.   The only payment you make after purchase are royalties that are built into the purchase of your blank DVDs that you sell.

All of our Rigs are shipped UPS Freight and generally arrive 3 days from day of shipment. Call us to provide a shipping quote to your zip code.

What is the Slim Rig?

Our Rigs are all around the world, complete with every case, component and wire you need to turn on and operate. Some of our customers already have easy access to 80% of the components we sell: DVD recorders, monitors (TVs), sound system, etc. and are very comfortable with electronics.

As a result, we sell a scaled-down package of the essentials: the chroma key box and the full library of videos in the "Slim Rig". A DVD instructional video is included to assist you acquire and wire all of your components together. This package does not contain anything else, so you will need to buy your cases, cabinet and needed accessories, all of which are detailed in the video with the "Slim Rig".

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